Environmental review

Based on feedback gathered through the alternatives development process and the scoping comment period, the Sound Transit Board will identify a preferred alternative and other alternatives to study in the environmental impact statement (EIS). Learn more about the environmental topics to be studied in the EIS and the project purpose and need below.

Environmental topics

The EIS will evaluate potential impacts and benefits of the project on the natural and built environment:

  • Acquisitions, Displacements and Relocations
  • Air quality
  • Economics
  • Ecosystems
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Energy
  • Environmental Justice
  • Geology and Soils
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Historic and Archaeological Resources
  • Land Use
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Parks and Recreational Resources
  • Public Services, Safety and Security
  • Soil Impacts, Community Facilities and Neighborhoods
  • Transportation (traffic, freight, navigation, transit, non-motorized)
  • Utilities
  • Visual and Aesthetics
  • Water Resources

An EIS evaluates proposed project alternatives to identify potential impacts and mitigation measures to inform decision makers, the public and agencies.

Project stakeholders discussing project options at a workshop.
Station planning workshop, Spring 2018