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Thank you for participating in this online open house for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions. We hope that you stay engaged with this project as it moves forward!

Options to stay engaged with the project CONTACT US CALL the projectline to speak with anOutreach Specialist206-903-7229 EMAIL with questions,concerns or comments GO ONLINE Learn about the project SOUNDTRANSIT.ORG/WSBLINK Respond to online SURVEYS Subscribe to EMAIL UPDATES Follow on SOCIAL MEDIA GET INVOLVED NEIGHBORHOOD FORUMS Join your community and roll up your sleeves to participate in half-day planning workshops; dive into the details about how this project can fulfill your community vision. OPEN HOUSES Come back to the next open house to learn about how the community’s input has helped shape the project. Provide your feedback and comment on current plans.

Sound Transit customer riding on the Link Light Rail

What we'll do with your feedback:

  • Document input in the Early Scoping Summary Report.
  • Share input with the Stakeholder Advisory Group, Elected Leadership Group and the Sound Transit Board.
  • Discuss project in greater detail at upcoming neighborhood forums.
  • Bring back alternatives to review later this year.

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