Level 2 Alternatives: Elevated guideway, bridge and elevated station visualizations

The visualizations in the PDF below have been developed to provide information on the Level 2 alternatives for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions and to better answer questions of scale and relationships to the larger neighborhood context. Urban and architectural design elements have been advanced to a limited conceptual level in order to illustrate differences among alternatives at key elevated locations.

The views have been selected to show specific elements of the design and the related existing conditions. The PDF include four sets of visualizations:

  • Station Area Overview: Compares the different alternatives in each station area.
  • Station Options: Illustrates how the elevated station options fit into the neighborhood context.
  • Guideway Views: Illustrates how specific sections of elevated guideway would interact with existing streets and adjacent properties.
  • Salmon Bay Crossing Graphics: Illustrates different alignment alternatives crossing the water and potential bridge styles.