Thanks for your input on Level 2 alternatives!

We appreciate everyone who attended a neighborhood forum in person or gave us feedback about the alternatives we’re considering online. The online open house closed on Sept. 23, 2018. We’re sorry you missed us.

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What we’ll do with your feedback

  • Sound Transit will summarize your input in a report to the project team, Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and the Elected Leadership Group (ELG).
  • The SAG and ELG will use your input and other information to inform their recommendations to the Sound Transit Board on what alternatives should be carried forward for further refinement.
  • The Sound Transit Board will review all input received and the recommendations from the SAG and ELG, before identifying the preferred alternative.
  • Share at the next neighborhood forum how your input helped to refine and narrow-down alternatives

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Speech bubble icon Thanks to those who attended an in-person event!